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Audio Scenography is a design system and interdisciplinary practice we created to elevate the aural experience of your project to be equal to the visual. Until now there has been no single discipline to address this in a comprehensive way. Before the invention of audio, acoustics was able to serve this function on its own, but this is no longer the case.


The phrase is derived as a fusion of two fields. In contemporary theater and performance, scenography is a recently developed production role which directs the experiential impact of all media and aesthetic concerns on the perceiver. In psychoacoustics, auditory scene analysis is the most widely adopted model for how humans transform the never-ending stream of sound information received by the ear into meaningful sense of things and place. Audio scenography takes responsibility for the scenographic impact of what is heard rather than providing ad hoc services that were never imagined nor can address the experience in its totality. 


Audio Scenography is the expert interplay of technology, architecture, acoustics, and a content-driven musical or audio-based environment. Speakers, audio, computers and acoustic design are the tools. Air is the medium. The human body is the instrument through which artistic, scientific or commercial content can be metabolized into collective experience.


The Audio Scenographer operates fluently between art & design, engineering, and technology-  capable of producing musical scores, creating audio, sound, and music concepts, in addition to handling architectural drawings for acoustic impact, working within the iterative processes used in the construction industry, and providing coordinated advice to all partners to ensure the imagined listening experiences are made real as the project unfolds.


An effective Audio Scenography is one in which all these different fields of expertise are understood as interdependent, audio, sound, and music concepts are communicated in actionable and accessible ways to all stakeholders, global creative intent is impactfully manifested for the listening audience.

Audio Scenography is a design system, not an aesthetic. There are many possible approaches, with a toolkit drawing from art history to physics. By leveraging this system, the right balance of acoustic, creative, and audio investments can be made to more efficiently yield the desired result. This means that each project will be unique and takes its own path toward success.

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