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Our experience with sound installations, composition for artistic and commercial purposes, as well as close observation of developments in the area of exhibition design, and media installation have compelled Polytope Agency to form and define a new term for what we do: audio scenography.




Audio scenography is the expert interplay in an invented space of technology, architecture, acoustics, and a content-driven musical or audio concept environment. Speakers and audio systems are the tool, air the medium, and the human body the instrument through which artistic, scientific or commercial content is transported into the subjective world of our collective experience. While Polytope Agency brings principle expertise in audio, sound, and music we do not accept a notion of the senses where the ear is imagined to operate independently. We believe every human being is a synesthete and the most powerful creative work operates with this as the foundation.

We are using sound, audio, and music as a scenographic medium—not only to create an auditory architecture but also to transport place, story and emotion into lived and breathed spaces—that is what drives us.




We are unique partners from daydream to launch for complex projects where a unique approach is required. We can translate and give voice, as well as generate the structure for an institutions to bring sound and audio thinking into lived space. In order to do so we work professionally at the intersection of sound design, project management, composition, software development, infrastructure, and acoustics. We use cutting-edge technology like wave field synthesis, ambisonics or speaker orchestras and low-tech solutions in the same sentence. It is insightful, non-fetishistic identification and use of all feasible audio and music techniques, combined with interactive and generative systems strongly conceived, well-designed and produced all contribute to a compelling audio scenography.


Of utmost importance in any successful collaboration with the client is the inclusion of the audio scenographer in the first, conceptual stage of a new project. Only by planning—in conjunction with media designers, architects and interaction designers—is it possible to arrive at a truly creative exchange and to conceptualize new ideas that are ground-breaking but also realizable. From the conceptual phase to the finished installation, every step of the project involves active guidance.