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Matthew Barney & Jonathan Bepler
Cremaster 3 (REN)
Studio Assistence and Sound Design









Studio Assistent for Jonathan Bepler, Sound Design 

Jonathan Bepler, Matthew Barney Studio

In 2001 I was invited by composer Jonathan Bepler to help him work on the Matthew Barney project Cremaster 3. It was my second project with Jonathan after working with him on the piece "S" by Sasha Walz in Berlin. During about 3 month I worked closely with Jonathan in his Brooklyn studio on the music for Cremaster 3 as his personal studio assistant. Beside recording multiple music parts we did build a unique long-string-instrument. Recordings of this Instrument served as the basis for a unique sound design that I created using a custom Max MSP program. Jonathan used these sounds for his amazing his composition for the famous cat scene at the Guggenheim. After leaving New York Jonathan and me continued working together in Berlin for many years. 

Photos: Matthew Barney Studio

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