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National Museum of Qatar, Doha

Audio Consultancy

Audio Scenography















2017 - 2019    


Audio Consultancy, Technical Design (Immersive Audio),
Creative Direction (Immersive Audio), Audio Style Guide,

Project Development, Project Management and Budgeting.

On behalf of Idee und Klang Gmbh, Basel

MEJV (MAN/EMPTY Joint Venture), /

National Museum of Qatar , Doha Film Institute


On March 28, 2019, the new National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ), housed within a spectacular new building designed by architect Jean Nouvel, opened its doors to the public. The experiential NMoQ tells the story of Qatar and its people from more than 700 million years ago through to today, giving voice to Qatar’s rich heritage and culture and expressing a vibrant community’s aspirations for the future.


I was in the fortunate situation to be the leading audio consultant for the NMoQ. The opportunity to develop the audio side of such a project from the beginning in close collaboration with the museum authorities, the architects and the creative and technical teams, was truly unique and quite challenging. Besides working on the sound scenography for the overall museum experience, one of the centerpieces of my work was the immersive sound system that is used to diffuse the multichannel soundtracks of the different Art Films, that cover most of the walls in the museum. The Art Films in each gallery create an immersive audio-visual experience of the different subjects, bringing to life the narratives of the collections on display in extraordinary, beautiful and innovative ways. With a total screen area of 34,271 square feet via 112 4K digital cinema projectors, 308 discreet audio channels,173 bespoke media servers, the result is closer to an immersive virtual reality experience than to conventional cinema. It is the world’s biggest ever permanent video installation and unlike anything that currently exists anywhere in the world. The truly amazing sound design of the Art Films with its unique audio spatialization connects the different galleries and creates an arc between the films, the narrative and the architecture. 


"Daniel Teige brought a wealth of technical and creative expertise to the development of the audio in the National Museum of Qatar. This audio experience is central to the beautiful Art Films and transforms the permanent galleries into a deeply memorable immersive experience; the sound experience is the key element to the galleries' success. Daniel’s vision not only enriched the National Museum, but his professionalism throughout the process of developing the galleries was a great asset for the whole project team."

(Dr. Karen Mary Exell, Senior Museum Development Specialist at Qatar Museums)


“Daniel’s design work on the National Museum of Qatar multi-channel audio installation and post-production supervision was exemplary. The finished soundscapes make the difference between watching the art films "on the walls" vs.experiencing them as immersive environments in the galleries — just as we had hoped. And working with Daniel was a ton of fun - he has that rare gift of being both technically and creatively sensitive to projects.”

(Dean Winkler, Founder, Winkler Consulting / Technical Director, National Museum of Qatar Art Films.)


Ateliers Jean Nouvel, National Museum of Qatar,  Doha Film Institute

The National Museum of Qatar has been realized with the support of a top international team including ASTAD, EMPTY, MAN Enterprise, BGL Barker Langham, NICESHOES, Winkler Consulting Inc.RES, Meyer Sound, Acciona, Idee und Klang Gmbh, TechnoQ and many others.


The art films have been directed by (in gallery order): Christophe CheyssonJacques Perrin, Jananne Al-Ani, Abderrahmane Sissako, Mira Nair, Peter Weber, Doug Aitkin, and John Sanborn. Sound designers and composers that have been involved in the art films are, Jean PoinsignonJerome Wiciak, Andy CowtonMartin WheelerJon Kane, Stratis Skandalakis, Austin MeredithChristen Lien


Photos: NMoQ, RES, Alvaro Navarro


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