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Qatar Olympic Sports Museum, Doha
Audio Scenography
& AV Design for immersive Audio













2020 - 2022   


AV Design (Immersive Audio), Audio Scenography, 

Empty, Qatar Museums


Yet another amazing project in collaboration with EMPTY and my third project with Qatar Museums. This time I was invited to redesign the overall immersive sound system for the Qatar Olympic Sports Museum in Doha. Beside that I was invited to introduce my concept and idea of Audio Scenography to the museum, as I did for the National Museum of Qatar in 2019. 

Audio Scenography is the expert interplay of technology, architecture, acoustics, and a content-driven musical or audio-based environment. Through Audio Scenography artistic, scientific or commercial content can be metabolized into a collective experience.


Using that system I was able to conceptualize and add some sound installations to make their sound concept even better. These installations include a generative Soundscape for the entrance area, a multichannel sound installation for the so called torch room and finally a big 92 channel sound installation to be experienced over multiple levels of the museum. 

Furthermore the museum asked me in my role as their Audio Scenographer to support them during their Tender process by creating the final Tender documents for commissioning the audio production and realization of the Audio Scenography concept that I developed for the museum.

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