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Schönberg - Die glückliche Hand



Audio Design and Music Composition


Daniel Kötter


So schafft man Schmuck“, („This is how jewelery is made.“) the man says, smiting the anvil. With one genius stroke, the protagonist in Arnold Schönberg’s one-act opera „Die Glückliche Hand“ transforms an unformed piece of gold into a resplendent tiara while the other smithslook on with envy. The music-, video art- and performance-trilogy „Arbeit und Freizeit“ is suffused with the fables and fiction ofSchönberg’s oeuvre. It is a story of legitimation for both artistic andnon-artistic production conditions. As public practices, artistic practices are an aspect of cultural practices, and yet artistic work is janus-faced: it is at once work like any other kind of work and a completely different kind of work. „Arbeit und Freizeit“: instead of an opposition, the „und“ connotes a blurred parity. The third and final part of the trilogy „Arbeit und Freizeit (3) – Die glückliche Hand“ provides an (artistic) stage for those responsible for questions about legitimacy in art today – producers, curators, festival directors, philosophers, art- and cultural scientists.


 Directed by Daniel Kötter
 Music for video installation by Daniel Teige & Stratis Skandalakis
 orchestra: RSO Stuttgart with Peter Rundel
 SWR Vokalensemble

















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