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I am your Creative Producer and Project Manager
transforming your story into an immersive experience.

For more than 20 years I have been successfully involved in many major museum designs and immersive art experiences in the world of EXPOs, contemporary music and sound art. On these proj- ects, I work as an creative producer, project manager, audio scenographer or consultant, with a focus on transforming stories and emotions into immersive experiences.

I operate fluently between art and design, engineering and technology. I am capable of creating concepts, in addition to handling architectural drawings for visual/acustic impact and media integration. I feel familiar working within the iterative processes used in the construction industry and I provide coordinated advice to all partners to ensure the imagined experiences are made real as the project unfolds.

From the start of a project, my goal is to connect the various creative and technical elements necessary to bring narrative content to life. Over the past two decades, I have designed and created numerous audio concepts, style guides and multi-channel audio diffusion and interactive systems in Europe, China and the Middle East. Many of these projects have won awards, such as the Red Dot Award, the German Design Award, the Scenography Award DER RAUM, the BrandEX Award and many others.

My background as a sound artist, researcher, renowned expert and interpreter of the electronic music of composer and architect Iannis Xenakis has influenced my work deeply. This and my experience with all the different projects i have worked on brought me to the idea of Audio-Scenography.

„Daniel Teige brought a wealth of creative and technical expertise to the development of the audio in the National Museum of Qatar. This audio experience is central to the beautiful Art Films and transforms the permanent galleries into a deeply memorable immersive experience; the sound experience is the key element to the galleries‘ success. Daniel’s vision not only enriched the National Museum, but his professionalism throughout the process of developing the galleries was a great asset for the whole project team.“ (Dr. Karen Mary Exell, Senior Museum Development Specialist at Qatar Museums)

“Daniel’s design work on the National Museum of Qatar multi-channel audio installation and post-production supervision was exemplary. The finished soundscapes make the difference between watching the art films „on the walls“ vs.experiencing them as immersive environments in the galleries — just as we had hoped. And working with Daniel was a ton of fun - he has that rare gift of being both technically and creatively sensitive to projects.”

(Dean Winkler, Founder, Winkler Consulting / Technical Director, NMoQr Art Films.)


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