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Sound Design

Tondowski Films

A documentary about american Louis Sarno who became a member of a pygmae tribe in the Central African Republic and stayed there since the 1980's. The film shows him going on a journey to the US with his son Samedi who has never left the rain forest. Louis was first attracted by the forest people when he heard their music on a radio show. He has built up a huge archive of music and sound recordings of a culture whose traditions and customs are disappearing.  Marian Mentrup (Sound Supervisor and Re-recording mixer) and Daniel Teige (Sound Design) both have been working intensly on this feature film to deliver a detailed and well thought-through soundmix. We made extensive use of the Double M/S Tracks provided by the location sound engineer Timo Selengia to create a detailed, three dimensional sound scape. Instead of hiding the sounddesign, it became a very important and obvious part of the film amplifying those drastic contrasts and the rythm of the montage and giving strength and intimacy to the portrayed characters.

production: Tondowski Films
edited by: Wiebke Grundler
cinematography: Siri Klug

sound supervisor & re-recording mixer: Marian Mentrup 
sound design: Daniel Teige
location sound: Timo Selengia
additional sound design: Henrik Oppermann 

Documentary Film

Song from the forest

















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