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Two Playgrounds 

National Museum of Qatar, Doha

Audio Scenography













2019 - 2020   


Audio Scenography, Composition, Generative Audio

Technical Design (Immersive Audio)


National Museum of Qatar 



After finishing the Audio Scenography for the National Museum of Qatar, I was again invited by Qatar Museums to work with them on another project; two playgrounds located within the gardens surrounding the museum. One of them is a life-size model of a Dhow, an "Adventure ship", the other one is a walk-in artificial "Cave of Wonders". Both playgrounds enable the children to learn something about Qatar's history of trading, their deep connection to pearls, or Qatar's nature.


T.C.L the well known Australian landscape architects designed these two quite unique playgrounds. Together with composers Lenard Gimpel and Stratis Skandalakis who both worked as well on the NMoQ audio design, joined me to support the narration of the playgrounds with some immersive radio plays for the children that are presented within the boat and the cave. 

All in all, we created two radio plays and two generative soundscapes for both playgrounds. One of them a dense and powerful 10-minute long sound design piece about the sea monster Bu Daria", the other one a 5-minute long piece carried by music about the myth of Mai and Ghaillan. For the radio plays as well as the soundscapes we have been using many of the sounds that were used within the galleries of the museum, to make a connection between the playgrounds and the galleries to integrate the playgrounds into the overall Audio Scenography concept of the NMoQ.


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