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Eve Sussmann & The Rufus Corporation

Rape of the Sabine Women



















Director of Sound, Project management (Audio), Technical Design (Audio)


Eve Sussmann & rufus corporation


In 2006 i was commissioned to do the surround sound recording for the art film Rape of the sabine women by artist Eve Sussmann. The recordings took place at the acient greek theater Herodion in Athens, the island Hydra, the meat market in Athens, the Pergamon museum in Berlin and the airport Tempelhof in Berlin. The Rape Of The Sabine Women was conceived as allegory based loosely on the ancient myth that follows Romulus founding of Rome and inspired by Jacques-Louis Davids 1799 painting, Intervention of the Sabine Women. The Rape of the Sabine Women opens in Hydras Pergamon Museum, moving to Berlins S-Bahn and Tempelhof Airport, Athens Agora meatmarket, a classic modern 60s dream house overlooking the Aegean, and finally, Athens Herodion Theatre.


Directed by - eve sussman
Original score - jonathan bepler 
Choreography - claudia de serpa soares
Costumes - karen young
Director of sound - daniel teige

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